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Twitter tags Trump posts with warning: “Bring facts”

The social network Twitter, for the first time, labeled two posts by US President Donald Trump as “baseless” and said he was spreading false claims.

Trump’s posts “falsely claim” that postal votes will lead to “rigged elections,” Twitter said.

In his posts, the company wrote in blue: “Bring facts about the postal votes.”

“Fact-checkers say there is no evidence that mail ballots are linked to voter fraud,” Twitter said.

Trump reacted by accusing the company of “interfering” in this year’s US presidential election, saying Twitter was based on “fake news”.

“Twitter is completely suffocating free speech and I, as president, will not allow this to happen,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The company’s decision to label the president’s post comes after it was put under increased pressure to not allow the spread of fake news and fake accounts.

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