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Jenna Tells the Moment She Knew Her Marriage to Channing Was Over

Presently that Jenna Dewan’s diary has at long last hit racks, we’re getting increasingly more understanding into what occurred in the background while she and Channing Tatum were parting. In the book, Jenna uncovered the second she realized she needed to leave him – and despite the fact that it’s unquestionably deplorable to find out about, it seems like she genuinely settled on the correct decision.

Jenna composed that the time had come to leave when she understood their dynamic had transformed into “harming.”

“I’d come to understand the dynamic I was in wasn’t serving me nor was it serving my little girl,” she wrote in Gracefully You, People reports. “As a matter of first importance I needed to acknowledge the acknowledgment this isn’t working and had moved into harming.”

That’s right, that seems like the correct opportunity to get out – and in the event that she accepted that was best for her and Everly, 6, at that point that is the thing that she needed to do, regardless of whether it was amazingly troublesome.


For as long as possible, Jenna attempted to stay quiet about their split, however she composed that it was intense in light of the fact that she enjoys keeping it genuine.

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan

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“The open saw Channing and I in this glorified romanticized light,” she composed. “This made things hard for me since I like being as genuine and genuine as I can.”

That bodes well. For quite a while, Jenna and Channing were viewed as complete #RelationshipGoals, and fans were absolutely devastated when they discovered that the couple were heading out in their own direction. In any case, clearly, it was something that needed to occur, and now, Jenna appears as though she’s showing improvement over ever.

Such an extensive amount ‘Effortlessly You’ has been about Jenna’s part with Channing.

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We get it. A separation after such an involved acquaintance is clearly a serious deal – so obviously it shook her reality.

In selections discharged before the book was out, Jenna likewise shared that she was bushwhacked by Channing’s relationship with Jessie J when she got some answers concerning it on the web while on a plane. Not actually a perfect circumstance to discover an ex has proceeded onward!

She additionally shared that she was “gutted” when they split, since it implied imagining another future for herself that did exclude the individual she’d been with since she was 24.

Knowing this makes it even more sweet that she and Steve Kazee are so glad.

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